Big Mission, New Team – Strategy and Organisational Development for RingMD – Case Study

Situation Summary

RingMD is startup based in Singapore, with an ambitious mission – to use technology to connect people around the world with the best healthcare available. They have grown successfully since inception with further aggressive commercial and organisational growth expected, but the challenges of scaling and focusing the organisation presented the most significant risks to this growth.

The leadership team had only been formed over recent months, and management processes hadn’t been fully established. CEO Justin Fulcher and COO Tim Bogle reached out to Gareth to help “jump-start” organisation development to allow the company to meet its potential.


The objectives for this project included:

  • Aligning the leadership team around the strategy for 2017
  • Establishing Objectives and Key Results to support this strategy
  • Improving the performance of the leadership team, and the capabilities of key individuals
  • Creating the management processes required to form, execute and monitor plans to deliver the company’s objectives


The project kicked off with a review of the company’s existing objectives and management reports. Over a six-week period, the leadership team then developed a strategic diagnosis, supported by Gareth with a series of weekly Skype calls. This was combined with 1:1 interviews with team members and Myers Briggs personality profiles, which were used to create the agenda for a three-day strategy offsite held in Bali, which Gareth facilitated.

Strategy session - whiteboard exercise

The offsite covered the following topics:

  • Strategic diagnosis – deep-dive
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identification and prioritisation of objectives
  • Identification of key results (milestones and KPIs)
  • Assignment of accountabilities (RACI)
  • Risk analysis and introduction to detailed planning

On return from the offsite, the leadership team conducted detailed planning, again supported by weekly Skype calls. At the same time, Gareth assisted with a number of initiatives, including establishing continuous improvement management processes to deliver these objectives using PDCA, defining an approach to review RingMD’s core values, and identifying personal development needs for each member of the leadership team.


Gareth is a skilled moderator, he pushed our team to introspectively engage with some challenging topics; to dig deeper, confront biases and embrace alternative views. The structured workshop supported our team’s alignment of our vision for a multi-year roadmap. His insight and perspective as a seasoned COO was invaluable to our team. A thoroughly worthwhile experience.

Justin Fulcher, CEO, RingMD helps leadership teams to develop and execute strategies. For a no-obligation conversation about strategy development in your organisation, please get in touch.