Gareth Marlow:

Elevating Leaders in Tech

I help tech leaders to build great teams, great products and great organisations

An executive coach with hands-on experience in tech leadership, I bring a customer-centred, systems thinking and emotionally-intelligent approach to coaching, tailored for scientists, technologists, mathematicians and engineers


Flexible options, which you can adapt to the different needs of each project.

1:1 Coaching

Elevate your strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and leadership skills

Team Facilitation

Facilitation, fostering collaborative environments for tech groups

Strategic Consultancy

Expert guidance in organisational development and engagement

  • Enhance decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Improve communication and conflict resolution.
  • Develop a stronger leadership presence and influence.

  • Solve difficult problems together.
  • Build more cohesive and inclusive team cultures.
  • Enhance team communication and alignment on goals.
  • Facilitate productive and engaging team meetings.

  • Develop adaptable and effective organisation structures that scale
  • Cultivate a healthy, high-performing organisational culture.
  • Improve communication and collaboration, enhancing employee engagement and job satisfaction.
Angela Hood

Gareth was instrumental in our company being able to get off the ground on a firm footing, following the closing of our investment round. We chose to take on Venture Capital funding, rather than Angel money, for our seed round. This meant that we needed to begin the growth from a startup to a ‘company’ very quickly. Gareth’s operational expertise was essential in us being able to do that efficiently. Would highly recommend his work for startups of any size and for off-sites to pull together strategic vision that can be put into an operational plan for companies of any size.

Angela Hood
CEO and founder / Thisway Global
Joe Graziano

Gareth’s coaching and mentoring skills are excellent. He is empathetic, incredibly smart and highly-skilled at getting to the heart of situations and challenges with ease. I approached him for reasons related to both my personal and career development. From the very first session, he set out a plan with actionable objectives, whilst always providing me with room to shift direction and pivot as required. Included in Gareth’s ‘toolbox’ is a selection of very sophisticated exercises which I found extremely cathartic and interesting. Gareth is very well-networked and knowledgeable around the high-growth technology sector and comes with a raft of business experience from his own background. I would highly recommend Gareth to any individual or organization looking to achieve personal or strategic growth.

Joe Graziano

During each opportunity I get to spend time with Gareth I learn something new and come away with fresh ideas and perspective. Gareth has provided the highest quality training sessions where he is able to impart wisdom and advice in a fun and engaging manner. Gareths training is first rate and I highly recommend it. But that is not where my recommendation stops. I have been fortunate enough to have a series of 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Gareth. These sessions have focused on working through strategies for dealing with the challenges our organisation is facing and are full of real world practical advice. For me, those sessions have been the most valuable and liberating of all the management training I have undertaken over the years.

Daniel Bloy
Senior Software Engineering Manager / Featurespace

Gareth ran a pretty intensive course of management training for us as a mixture of in person, hybrid and remote sessions. Gareth’s a great trainer and coach, the courses were engaging, relevant to a wide range of different experiences and abilities and immediately applicable to to our situation. He’s been there and done that and having lived that experience was able to really get inside of what we do and the kind of problems we face, the opportunities we have, and the mistakes we should avoid as a fast growing tech startup. I’ve already seen approaches from the course being put into practice at Mind Foundry and improving what we do and how we communicate with each other.

James Keogh
VP Engineering / Mind Foundry
Benedikt von Thüngen

We went through a rapid growth phase and felt that we needed to re-work our Vision & Mission statement to create greater clarity. Through a number of workshops Gareth helped draw out the salient themes that motivated the leadership team. Starting with some industry examples, guiding principles and the occasional nudge from Gareth we were able to identify several motivators that laid the foundation for word smithing the Vision & Mission. Gareth was very helpful as he identified the different personas quickly and was able to structure conversations & workshops to meet the different working styles.

Benedikt von Thüngen
CEO / Sanome
Angus Chudleigh

I can happily state that Gareth is the best manager that I have ever worked for. Gareth inspires and nurtures individuals to find their own greatness and he does all of this in a very interesting and open way. He is a great deal of fun to work with as he attacks problems with intelligence and smatterings of humour, he helps to break down complex problems into much smaller and more manageable chunks. I have learned a huge amount from Gareth over the years, asking him to remain as a mentor to me long after I left his direct management, and also after I moved companies. When the chips are down and I have a business problem to solve, Gareth is one of the first people I think to call. I’d relish the opportunity to work with Gareth again and can’t recommend him highly enough. If you want a people focused leader who gets shit done in the right way, then Gareth is your man.

Angus Chudleigh
CRO / Glean
Ben Rees

Gareth is that rare talent – a great understanding of how companies work, the systems and processes that create value, plus a deep understanding of how to build and really lead teams to create that value. When I was working for him, I saw this at first hand – one of the best teams I’ve ever worked in, and certainly a manager that really understood me, and coached me to expand my horizons. Working alongside Gareth on the board, I’ve seen him deftly steer his department, and us as a team towards great decisions. He’s also then done a great job of following through and implementing those decisions, bringing large numbers of people along with him – true leadership.

Ben Rees
CMO / Syskit
Keir Finlow-Bates

Gareth gives clear articulate explanations as to why starting a software business isn’t just about building some good software, putting up a slick website, and waiting for customers. His focus on helping you to determine what the customer needs and why they need it by talking to them, establishing the values and beliefs behind the way you want to run your company, and that building a business/marketing/sales strategy can be done in a rational and scientific manner, are all backed up by steps and actions that you can actually take. If he wrote a book, I’d buy fifty copies and give one to every EVP, CTO and CEO I met. The two days I spent being coached (and occasionally berated) by him are the best and most mind expanding two days I’ve ever spent.

Keir Finlow-Bates
CEO and founder / Chainfrog Oy.
Naomi Kingston

My boss recommended I get some professional coaching and I came to it somewhat sceptical as to how it would help me! Gareth completely changed my viewpoint. I have been very surprised by the positive impact it has had on my confidence in particular, but also on helping me identify my career direction and pathway. He also gave me some very useful and practical tips on managing teams, time and motivation. I highly recommend Gareth as someone who can help you draw out where the problems really lie and work to address them in a straightforward and constructive way.

Naomi Kingston
Neil Davidson

As COO and board member of Red Gate Software, Gareth played a key, hands-on role in defining and implementing product and company strategy. In particular, he excels at creating and nurturing high performance teams that can crack hard problems. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gareth – his integrity, honesty and thoughtfulness are second to none.

Neil Davidson
co-Founder and board member / Red Gate Software

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