I can happily state that Gareth is the best manager that I have ever worked for. Gareth inspires and nurtures individuals to find their own greatness and he does all of this in a very interesting and open way. He is a great deal of fun to work with as he attacks problems with intelligence and smatterings of humour, he helps to break down complex problems into much smaller and more manageable chunks. I have learned a huge amount from Gareth over the years, asking him to remain as a mentor to me long after I left his direct management, and also after I moved companies. When the chips are down and I have a business problem to solve, Gareth is one of the first people I think to call.

I’d relish the opportunity to work with Gareth again and can’t recommend him highly enough. If you want a people focused leader who gets shit done in the right way, then Gareth is your man.