Have you tried asking them?

“I don’t know what the sales team leads are going to make of this marketing plan.”

“I can’t figure out how this is going to go down with our German customers.”

“We never get useful product feedback from our support team.”

“He’s really disengaged. He just doesn’t contribute to our daily stand-up. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“She keeps making mistakes. More often than not, if I need it doing properly, I have to do it myself. I can’t understand what’s changed.”

We have many tools at our disposal to help make decisions, to gain insight, to crunch data, to balance options and to measure performance. There’s a huge one, way under-used in my experience. It’s magical – it builds trust, drives engagement, alignment and loyalty, brings you rich insight and helps you to develop your people.

Have you tried asking them?


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